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This is a collage of things that I’ve devoted nearly ALL of my free time to learning:


(I love owls, and that one in particular. My first vector image. He’s presh.)

I’m surrounded by intelligent people for most of my day, which always drives me to learn more. The two people I work directly with each day, KerriStarr and El Mol, are two of the bunch that drive me (which all started out with M.O.L. Junior years ago). A very special thanks to Cabeeb for a huge jump start on CSS, and for being my blog tech support after hours of failing to find the answer myself.

Yep. For a week and a half, I’ve been learning CSS. No Comment. I’ve also learned how to create vector images with a few tips from a very kind friend, incredible blogger and husband of a roller derby hottie, Kyle Steed .

Not that you all (or anybody) actually need daily updates on the progress of my new blog, nor do most people care all that much. I, on the other hand, do care, and this is my blog. I’ll be excited to announce when my blog is ready, so that I can decide whether or not the 5 site hits on Google Analytics, or the 4 on WordPress Stats is correct. Either way, I won’t forget any of you on my blog roll.

(**image is just a few snippets of my new blog in his/her naked state at the moment, with a lot of filler.  So if you don’t see the beginning of your name on the tiny sliver of the blog roll up there, don’t feel left out. Not that anyone one…)