I’m removing an entire post from months ago. I rarely edit previous posts on my blog and I don’t think I’ve ever actually removed one before. However, I’m swiftly rectifying a wrong that I’m responsible for.

I’m not always an open book when it comes to emotions, family, relationships, etc. I always like to appear in control and unaffected.

I’ve used my family at times as part of my humor and examples in writings, and made the mistake of talking about them in such a negative way, specifically one instance. In the post I have removed, I posted an entire entry talking about parenthood and how much I question the parenting of others. I used my sister and her children as an example, a diagram to carry out my illustration of words. I just read it to myself for the first time and couldn’t be more ashamed. I love my family greatly, and would never ever have the right to cut them down for such things. My sister, quite frankly, is one of the biggest hard @$$es I’ve ever known. The only person I’ve ever known besides my mother to be able to hold in their own vomit. Not kidding. For those who don’t know, I have a phobia of vomit, and anything involving it. Whether it’s me, or someone else, I would 100% honestly rather break my arm. She actually was the only one of my 4 other siblings that I could stand being around when they were ill. Of course I was still uneasy, but I wasn’t in sheer panic mode when I was around her. She’s never been afraid of anyone, or at least never ever showed it.  She’s the only person I’ve known to truly be this way. If I ever had a problem growing up, with anyone or anything, I’d run to her and all fears would be allayed. She pretty much taught me not to take crap from people.

Her kids–simply amazing. I know many people that would honestly agree, probably the cutest kids you’ll ever see. They don’t know how to be anything besides super smart, and ridiculously adorable. They’re just like her–sensitive to family and people that matter, but straight up iron fists to anyone that tries to mess with them.  I have first hand accounts of this, and they’re incredible.

This needed to be cleared up. There’s no other person in this world that I question more than myself, and that keeps me busy enough.


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