I haven’t voted yet. I don’t plan on voting. (Settle down, please.)

I’m sure I’ve lost friends and respect because of this. I’ve encountered several bouts of personal pressure to head to the booths, and yet I am not even registered.
I won’t blame it on the fact that I didn’t receive (or look for) my voter registration card, or that I’m just “too busy”. I will, however, blame it on the fact that through a lack of actionable steps on my part, I’ve indirectly made a decision to not vote this year. I voted in the last election, and honestly, I was stupid for it. I voted simply because I felt like it would help me be a mature, “opinionated” 19-year-old. I voted for the candidate that I hoped would prove my parents right. This year? If I stepped into the booth now to vote, I would leave the presidential area blank. I don’t know who I would vote for, and tossing a coin seems as irresponsible as not voting.
So why is this worth a boring blog post that nobody will read/finish? Because this post isn’t for you, it’s for me and my need to defend myself. Duty? Right? I agree that voting is important, and I’m not trying to minimize the significance of it. In fact, I sometimes admire the opinionated people that want to hang me for not voting. that Perhaps there will be a day when I share the same, “Vote or die” opinion as many of my peers,  but not today. It’s a free country.

(I’ll bet you hear that last line a whole lot, and you already have an educational response for me along the lines of, “It’s a free country because people voted,” but spare me. If it makes you feel better, I’ll put a sign in my front yard, and be part of a mandatory list that ensures I don’t move into any neighborhoods with children.)

Hate me. Sue me. Make me dance.


2 comments so far

  1. Brett Tilford on

    I don’t hate you. Not voting was definitely more responsible than not voting IMHO.

  2. Caleb on

    A half-point higher than not voting is voting for someone not even on the ballot with 0% of winning the election. This election challenged my (admittedly limited) preconceived notions of government and politics, and I was still reeling when it came time to cast my vote in this history-altering decision. So I only judge that half-point’s worth.

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